Making sure every child is school ready

We are delighted to offer the School Starter Book box. Filled with three books carefully chosen to support and prepare your child and ease their new school nerves.

This curated box of books is a friendly, confidence-boosting introduction to life at school. Striking, colourful picture books with reassuring stories of friendship, are packed with the promise of exciting times to come. By gently reinforcing the idea of school through reading you are building your child’s confidence so they can start school assured and ready to learn. Plus the benefits of reading to your child daily, particularly in the first five years, are immeasurable.

The recent report, Big Change, Starts Small from the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood states that early development affects life outcomes. This is particularly true of literacy, which is why Wild Thing Books supports UK Reads, a World Literacy Foundation initiative, working to lift young people out of poverty through literacy, offering books and support to children and families who need it most. Wild Thing Books donates a book to UK Reads for every box of books delivered.

Caroline Burkie, Head of EU and UK at the World Literacy Foundation said, “At UK Reads, we believe that access to books and literacy support in the early years is fundamental to educational attainment and employability. We are delighted to work with Wild Thing Books to narrow the achievement gap between young people from the poorest communities and their more affluent peers. Together we can give every child an equal chance to succeed.”

Felicity Johnson, founder of Wild Thing Books, said, “We believe in the power of reading to change lives. The first day of school can be daunting for any child and reading together is a way to gently introduce the idea of school at bedtime or while snuggled up on the sofa. We want to make sure every child is prepared, which is why we are delighted to partner with UK Reads as they offer literacy support to some of our poorest communities. Let’s make those school-gate goodbyes a little easier for all.”

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